6 weeks - 14 months


Our infant program combines structure, learning, playing, and constant care-taking so infants are assured a safe, stimulating, and fun-filled environment. Cornerstone personnel are extensively trained and devoted to help these little ones develop important emotional, cognitive, social, and physical skills. Activities may include, playing with toys, art, pretending, enjoying stories and books, discovering sand and water, music, and exploring outdoors. We will keep your child on his/her daily schedule as much as possible. Our staff are all trained in CPR/First Aid and can provide a safe environment for your baby.

We recognize this is the first step of a child’s educational path, but it is likely a new routine for parents as well. Our staff communicates with parents as needed and provides a daily log of activities, milestones, funny moments, etc. using our App.

Food for Infants

Parents must provide formula, and baby food for their infants. The Center does provide Stage 2 baby foods and meals to infants who are at least 11 months and eat from the table. Parents must prepare the infant’s formula at home and bring it to the Center COLD and labeled with the child’s name and the date.

Parents are required to fill out an infant feeding schedule before the first day of care whether or not the Center provides the food.

Daily Schedule

Infants are growing and adapting at rapid rates so our staff is guided to be flexible and assess each child individually. While each day involves motor skills enhancement, brain power exercises, arts and crafts, nap times, eating, physical activity, and music, each child’s schedule will be modified based on their unique needs. Our day is action-packed with learning lessons combined with feeding time, naptime, circle time, and floor play. The day includes outside time (weather permitting). Inside, children are exposed to group activities (i.e. story time, songs, games) and personal one-on-one interaction (i.e. puzzles, independent play, tummy time practice).

What to Bring
  • Diapers – weekly
  • Wipes – weekly
  • *Breast milk or formula (up to 12 months) *Must be brought in COLD everyday and labeled with the child’s name and the date
  • 2 sets of seasonal changing clothes – at all times
  • 2 Sets of clean crib linen – at all times
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