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Sick Policy: Regulations Concerning Sick Children

According to the N.C. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Division of Child Development, we are unable to accept a child with a diagnosed communicable disease (measles, mumps. chickenpox, etc.) or obvious acute illness. Therefore, please do not send your child to the Center when he/she is sick or has signs of a possible contagious disease. If your child has a communicable disease, please keep him/her home until the symptoms have subsided and the child feels well enough participate in Center activities. To help prevent the spread of colds, illnesses, and disease please wash your hands and your child’s hands upon arrival and departure.

In order for the staff to administer medication it must be prescribed by a doctor unless it is an over-the counter medication, which can be given only as recommended by the label. Please help us by:

  • A. Signing and dating a medical consent form, which can be picked up from the class.
  • B. Making sure all medication is in the original container and the date, child’s name, doctor’s name, and the dosage plainly stated is present on prescribed medications.

If a child has a temperature of 101 degrees or greater, diarrhea, contagious illness, or an injury occurs during the day, the parent or next of kin will be contacted immediately. If there is a serious injury and/or medical problem, the parent and/or the local rescue squad may be contacted for assistance. If the nature of the illness is not life threatening, the director will transport the child to the hospital or local physician. If this action is taken parents/guardians will be contacted immediately.

*All staff members are first aid and CPR certified.