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What to Bring

Items Needed by Parents to Ensure Quality Care

We want to assure your child is properly cared for while in our Center. Parents are responsible for providing the following items:

Infants: 6 weeks to 15 months
  • Diapers – weekly
  • Wipes – weekly
  • *Breast milk or formula (up to 12 months) *Must be brought in COLD everyday and labeled with the child’s name and the date
  • 2 sets of seasonal changing clothes – at all times
  • 2 Sets of clean crib linen – at all times

Note: The Center provides meals for infants that eat from the table.

Toddlers: 15 months to 24 months
  • Diapers or Pull-Ups and Wipes – weekly
  • 2 sets of seasonal changing clothes – at all times
  • 2 clean sets of linen – at all times
  • 3 Sippy cups - cleaned at home daily
Twos: 24 months to 36 months
  • Diapers/ Pull-Ups/Training Underwear (if child isn’t potty trained)
  • 2 sets of seasonal changing of clothes – at all times
  • 2 clean sets of linen – at all times
  • Pacifiers are not allowed

Note: When potty training begins, please dress children in clothes that will help increase independence of this new skill. Clothes to avoid: overalls, Onesies, jumpers, & body shirts.

Threes & Fours
  • 2 sets of seasonal changing clothes, socks and underwear included – at all times
  • 2 sets of clean linen – at all times

Note: Please dress children in clothes to have fun in. Children should not have to worry about getting clothes dirty while they are playing, learning, and having fun.

Provisions will be made each day for each child to rest. A minimum of 2 hours per day and maximum of 2 ½ hours rest time will be available for each child. Please provide 2 crib sheets and a small blanket to cover cots at nap-time. The linen should be picked up every Friday afternoon to be laundered and brought back to the Center on Monday mornings. Please label your child’s linen and all personal items with his/her name or initials.

*All students are required to have a current annual physical and updated shot record on file.